Want to Buy Source Code? Try it

In a crowded business of tablet and smartphone, the revenue is not in developing mobile apps from scratch, however in flipping apps or games. One method to start your work is with AppnGame, mass based start-up that enables investors, businesses, developers to Buy Source Code in online auction. The website which is launched in April, offers everything from intellectual property transfer and valuation to escrow services.


When, Where and Why to buy Source Code?

First of all, it should be clear why you want to buy it? If it is in business of apps and games then answer is ‘to make money.’ Either they want to improve their current app or game they wish to raise the offer and loyalty. They shouldn’t avoid solving problems they have and reduce costs. It means you must focus on these things. They want audience as potential ‘hot leads’ who they know can like apps and can buy stuff from selling websites.

The relevant formula is ‘price paid= (buyer’s perceived value – cost of seller) * Negotiation

The buyer may recover costs in less than few years. You should see all factors. If you want to consider buyers in terms of setting price then you must know the buyer can recover his profiting and investment from his purchase. You want to say ‘I want to Buy Source Code and its price to you. The cost is based upon guess of what a future would be. If you’ve not received profit from source code, then you can argue with your buyer what the assessment of its future income will be.

First step is to buy license if you want to buy source code, majority of apps and games don’t need it. Creativity with using some tools is not linked to availability of code of that tool. Users can create in Photoshop or Maya/3D Maya. If you are doing app business then you can buy code for apps/games etc., you can say now it is very easy to make money.

Second step is to talk with buyers. Learn about needs, why they’re interested, what requirements it fills for them, learn as much about them and they want if possible. Know about your customers. May be they want to buy. We have seen many people offer code of individuals due to cost. With team work it is very costly to develop an app in first step. After developing main stage people can re-skin it.

It is also possible in reskinning only colors and graphics are changed and source code remains same. It is also compiled with own code and continued with new features. There is different online market of app, like AppnGame. The idea is to develop win-win developers may turn source code into entrepreneurs and cash for ready-made companies. Thus buying source code is very easy because you can find its platform very easy.

It has simple steps like Buy Source Code, re-brand it and make money.

Note: If you have a Source Code of an App & Game, and you want to get done its Top Quality Reskin then please write to us at: sales@appngamereskin.com
We will get back to you with a reasonable price quote within 24 hours.
Skype: appngamereskin

Toll Free: +1-646-741-7480


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