3 Tips to Sell Games Source Code for Developers

Selling a source code is very important thing. Nowadays, it is not a problem. With help of logo for marketing of source code, but is entirely different matter. Development team tends to be very protective for their code as merchandising is how they can make or get their money. Thus, I think a developer should follow different methods to market the source code of games. For instance you can create add to Sell Games Source Code.

Sell Games Source Code

Tips for developers to Sell Games Source Code!

Let suppose you are a games or app developer and a client wants to purchase an app. Do you know what should you think to sell code? Find below some important points.   So, your customer wants to develop an app from scratch and wants to buy code that you have written in past for projects.  The code of game is like to be composite. You can guide developers that can be licensed under a variety of licenses, including open source code license like BSD and GPL.

If you sell it, you can transfer all the rights in a thing to buyer. You need to transfer rights and if you can’t own rights if you are selling, you can’t sell it to someone else. If you will try to do it then you will get message that you are not able to comply it.  It’s a big problem

Tip-1: You should check the rights that you can transfer in a selling process first.

Know what you are selling

It looks pretty good as however it is very complicated questions that you can have thoughts. From your point of you if you are selling an app however what is that mobile app, really? Are you selling apps alone or does your client need the code too? Some buyer wants the code as they’re more concerned that if they can’t have code, they can find themselves. It’s actually a business concern and the more client depends on mobile app to operate its business, the important can access the code will be.

The challenge to Sell Games Source Code includes disclosing secrets source code sauce that makes your source code so valuable. These secrets can give your client or even competing app developer who encounters the source code later a competitive edge over you. Another challenge is that selling code outright can give impact on projects that leverage factors of code as you’ll have no rights to use again the code that is already sold. It means you can consider the impacts on obligations towards current clients too.

Tip-2 Carefully considers precisely what you want to sell and which restrictions should be applied it.      

Clearly define what you’re selling

It sounds obvious however it’s not. Remember you’re selling an app, however how would a person deals to identify the selling code, objectively? Is the code defined and written in proper format? Is it Complete? Is can handle all problems?

You should add detailed app specifications

Avoid general description

Tip 3: Describe the sold code properly

Consider alternatives to complete selling process

A sale can’t be appropriate due to its implications. Sometimes you need to meet clients requirements the problematic sequences of sale and don’t afraid of alternatives.


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