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How to Select Best Game Template For Making Game

How to Select Best Game Template For Making Game

Selecting the right game engine is often tough job when you are making first time game. When you are making game, you have to select perfect game template, multiple screen size and DPIs.

It’s very thankfully of the appngamereskin that is online Source Code Marketplace. This not only provides good well thought about game but also provide you excellent service of reskining of the game. We want to introduce some of the excellent game template that is well featured on the appngamereskin.

Canday match 3

The candy match 3 is one of the best unity game templates for the ios and android. The game is well monetized with the Ads and IAP. With the lots of levels and power, the game is extremely engaging. With just small amount investment, you can launch your own match 3 game.

Winter magic slot

The game has unity slot with a cross platform template with the 4 slot. All 4 themes in the game are based on the winter theme. The game is developed in unity for iOS and android.

Best addictive defense unity 3D game

This game is supported plenty of platform like iOS, Andriod and OS. The game template is designed with high quality sounds, full animation and full map.

Viking adventure

This is very super addictive game that simply plays with all age of people. This game gives lot more fun. You can play with cute colorful character and with good levels. During play this game, we concentrate on one mission to collect lots of coins. The game is made by buildbox.

Moreover, the game is easy to play and reskin. You just need to edit some levels, graphics and export it to the different platforms such as, iOS and android.

Anti-candy crunch

Are you tried to play game like three matches? Don’t need to tire, here we bring anti candy cash with awesome features that are ready to available on the app store.  The game offers you 108 levels. You can play with two different type’s gameplay one is timed and other with moves.  You can share on the Facebook.

Basketball game for android & ios 

This is addictive; challenging basketball shooting game will help improve your shooting skills so you can dominate your friends on the leader board and show them whose boss! This game is available for reskin with admob banners.

You can buy these templates at very affordable price anytime you need only at


How to Design and Build Top Quality Mobile Apps

Today, making money from a Mobile App is one of the most important businesses. Through this strategy, you can just sit back and make money in dollars as users download your app. you  get the sense  of satisfaction  level that help you to start  earning from making your perfect making app.

Top Quality Mobile Apps

Top Quality Mobile Apps

There are lots of people who don’t know how to make an app and earning method. Just read on and let take a look at some of the excellent strategies for making profit from a Mobile App.

The challenge

The very first thing is that your app must be as simple as creative.  There is something that lots of people are getting wrong, asked what their big app idea is and the y will normally tell you it has something to do with the social network. They will spend months and months by working on it.

Make it simple

The good way is that, you have to release something very creative and simple. This is will provide great opportunity to ropes the audience. Always try to use the fail fast method by creating lots of MVPs and then developing the ones that turn out to be successful!

In addition, you choose the right niche; this will sell or get downloaded!

The other reason to make something creative in simple way to ignore learning the code in java, the simple app can be made with straightforward app creation tools


Lastly, note that the perfect way to make money from an app is often to charge for it.

Yes, display ads can make money but only if your users click on them in a large numbers. This means you need a gigantic number of active, regular users who are involved with your app every day to make lots of profit.

On the other hand, if your app looks very attractive and only costs a dollar or so, you’ll search out people to make a lot of impulse downloads. Get 50 downloads a day and you are definitely earning a decent amount extra money. Always be remembered that this can be across a large number of apps!

There are lots of app building marketplaces that help to develop app through the source codes, if you have skills to develop the app, you just need to source code and reskin the app.

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Use Mobile App Templates when there is a Need For Speed

Inspiration for mobile app design is important. When you decide to build a Mobile App for your business, you automatically start imagining how it should look and how it should work. Well, it gets confusing at times and you just wish there could be some reference or some template that you can look at and build upon.

Use Mobile App Templates When There Is A Need For Speed.jpg

This is exactly where mobile App Templates can help.

Ready to use:

For any industry vertical or for any type of business, a ready to use mobile template can save you a lot of time and energy. You do not have to imagine the design and the logical flow of elements from scratch. It is all provided and ready to use. You know exactly how your finished product will look like. Moreover, if you feel the need to change some features or some elements, a developer can easily do that for you.


If you need to go mobile quickly, using a template could be your best bet. A template has all the design elements built in and all you need to do is to customize it to suit your business. If you start from scratch, your mobile app will take quite a while to be ready. With a template, you can get it developed with months.


Paying a designer is going to cost you. Well, downloading a ready template could be cost effective and yet very appealing. You get templates that are completely customizable, so if you are worrying about the uniqueness, it’s totally up to how skillfully you customize it.


If you think your options are limited, you are wrong! There are abundant templates available online for you to download and use instantly! You can then decide how you can modify the look, feel and colour scheme of the application.


The look and feel of your Mobile App is one part and the features and functionality is another. Well, the logical flow from one screen to another is already thought of and presented to you in a ready template. The good news is that you can remove and add any screen and modify the template as you wish. That’s the charm of using a ready template.


If you think that if you download a ready template, you are stuck with a design that a hundred others are using, you are wrong! These templates can be easily customized to maintain the uniqueness. Designers can easily read the code provided by the creator and add their own code to add features and functionality that your business requires.

Well, the good part is that these templates come with an open source code. So, you can hire designers of your choice to complete the mobile app for you. Well the ability to customize what you have downloaded enables businesses to use the same template that has been downloaded by a hundred other users and yet create a unique looking application that does not match any other.

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Ways to teach yourself for developing Top Apps Source Code

In this article, we will discuss if you want to create apps then which languages are required? Even when you don’t think you are fully in Post-Personal Computer Era, it will be clear that mobile platform us playing important role in our life. Whether for profit or fun, creating apps will be fully rewarding for bother financial and personal reasons.  Assume you have some level of knowledge then it is also possible to create iOS/Android Apps and Top App Source codes. However for coding you need to learn all options.


The Unconventional guide to Top Apps Source codes

You can also follow SDK kits available in languages. Let’s take Android apps example, for this you need to learn java. Most of components of Android are written in Sun Java and APIs are properly designed to be called important from Java-language.  However, you can also use C/C++ mobile app, however it doesn’t mean to promote Google. As per Google, ‘the NDK will not benefit apps’. Because a developer, you required to balance benefits and drawbacks.

Ionic emulates native mobile apps User interface tips and using native SDKs, bringing the device features and standards of native apps simultaneously with flexibility and full power of open source. Ionic uses Phone-gap or Cordova to deploy native mobile apps, or runs in browser or web apps.  Notably, with native source code generally doesn’t result in performance betterment, however it increases complexity.

Corona is high-level SDK- built on LUA language. It is simpler to know than SDK and Java.  SDK takes away pain in developing apps. A simple mobile app that shows background image of your choice and text on screen can be 3 lines of source code with Corona. It includes an emulator that allows to activities program with needing to compilation process. It is used for games. You will find it while searching the description of Top App Source Code.

If you have knowledge about HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you may create apps with your choice and skills. It is based on Cordova project by Apache. It creates views that you may manipulate and populate the script. Other choices are HTML, LUA and Java. You need to learn how to code is important to aspire developer and web. If you will consider a rate on which the platforms and tools are changing, you will see some changes.  You should know about the internalization of all possible ways developer uses thus as to reach a final app. It is for everyone.

The code money is exciting and funny game or app; kids learn coding by catching banana.  The coding game is very good practice to learn new concepts for teenagers.  Similarly, check-IO, cyber dojo, code combat is used to improve skills. You can follow Solo-Learn series which has series of apps and these apps are rated well in App store and Google play because they are interactive and dynamic. You can download Astrid Tasks & To-do List, Todo.txt, The Official GitHub Client, Udacity, Tynker,  encode, Prey-Anti Theft, iFixIt, Hacker News reader, MyTracks by Google, WordPress, NewsBlur etc.

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3 Tips to Sell Games Source Code for Developers

Selling a source code is very important thing. Nowadays, it is not a problem. With help of logo for marketing of source code, but is entirely different matter. Development team tends to be very protective for their code as merchandising is how they can make or get their money. Thus, I think a developer should follow different methods to market the source code of games. For instance you can create add to Sell Games Source Code.

Sell Games Source Code

Tips for developers to Sell Games Source Code!

Let suppose you are a games or app developer and a client wants to purchase an app. Do you know what should you think to sell code? Find below some important points.   So, your customer wants to develop an app from scratch and wants to buy code that you have written in past for projects.  The code of game is like to be composite. You can guide developers that can be licensed under a variety of licenses, including open source code license like BSD and GPL.

If you sell it, you can transfer all the rights in a thing to buyer. You need to transfer rights and if you can’t own rights if you are selling, you can’t sell it to someone else. If you will try to do it then you will get message that you are not able to comply it.  It’s a big problem

Tip-1: You should check the rights that you can transfer in a selling process first.

Know what you are selling

It looks pretty good as however it is very complicated questions that you can have thoughts. From your point of you if you are selling an app however what is that mobile app, really? Are you selling apps alone or does your client need the code too? Some buyer wants the code as they’re more concerned that if they can’t have code, they can find themselves. It’s actually a business concern and the more client depends on mobile app to operate its business, the important can access the code will be.

The challenge to Sell Games Source Code includes disclosing secrets source code sauce that makes your source code so valuable. These secrets can give your client or even competing app developer who encounters the source code later a competitive edge over you. Another challenge is that selling code outright can give impact on projects that leverage factors of code as you’ll have no rights to use again the code that is already sold. It means you can consider the impacts on obligations towards current clients too.

Tip-2 Carefully considers precisely what you want to sell and which restrictions should be applied it.      

Clearly define what you’re selling

It sounds obvious however it’s not. Remember you’re selling an app, however how would a person deals to identify the selling code, objectively? Is the code defined and written in proper format? Is it Complete? Is can handle all problems?

You should add detailed app specifications

Avoid general description

Tip 3: Describe the sold code properly

Consider alternatives to complete selling process

A sale can’t be appropriate due to its implications. Sometimes you need to meet clients requirements the problematic sequences of sale and don’t afraid of alternatives.

Want to Buy Source Code? Try it

In a crowded business of tablet and smartphone, the revenue is not in developing mobile apps from scratch, however in flipping apps or games. One method to start your work is with AppnGame, mass based start-up that enables investors, businesses, developers to Buy Source Code in online auction. The website which is launched in April, offers everything from intellectual property transfer and valuation to escrow services.


When, Where and Why to buy Source Code?

First of all, it should be clear why you want to buy it? If it is in business of apps and games then answer is ‘to make money.’ Either they want to improve their current app or game they wish to raise the offer and loyalty. They shouldn’t avoid solving problems they have and reduce costs. It means you must focus on these things. They want audience as potential ‘hot leads’ who they know can like apps and can buy stuff from selling websites.

The relevant formula is ‘price paid= (buyer’s perceived value – cost of seller) * Negotiation

The buyer may recover costs in less than few years. You should see all factors. If you want to consider buyers in terms of setting price then you must know the buyer can recover his profiting and investment from his purchase. You want to say ‘I want to Buy Source Code and its price to you. The cost is based upon guess of what a future would be. If you’ve not received profit from source code, then you can argue with your buyer what the assessment of its future income will be.

First step is to buy license if you want to buy source code, majority of apps and games don’t need it. Creativity with using some tools is not linked to availability of code of that tool. Users can create in Photoshop or Maya/3D Maya. If you are doing app business then you can buy code for apps/games etc., you can say now it is very easy to make money.

Second step is to talk with buyers. Learn about needs, why they’re interested, what requirements it fills for them, learn as much about them and they want if possible. Know about your customers. May be they want to buy. We have seen many people offer code of individuals due to cost. With team work it is very costly to develop an app in first step. After developing main stage people can re-skin it.

It is also possible in reskinning only colors and graphics are changed and source code remains same. It is also compiled with own code and continued with new features. There is different online market of app, like AppnGame. The idea is to develop win-win developers may turn source code into entrepreneurs and cash for ready-made companies. Thus buying source code is very easy because you can find its platform very easy.

It has simple steps like Buy Source Code, re-brand it and make money.

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Cheap App Reskinning Services

Re-skinning that involves changing the look or appearance of site with new styles and graphics it new feel and look. Like re-painting house, re-skin is meant to change a tired look of site with new and fresh graphics or updates.  Like painting house, re-skin is meant to attract audiences with new architecture and data structure of website.    Cheap App Reskinning Services is provided by companies that can build your game or app without any amount.

Cheap App Reskinning Services

You should know how to implement core functionalities, re-skinning and look.   A re-skin is efficient, cheaper and quicker choice than to re-build a website from ground up and benefits of allowing for modifications without resources and full cost.  Another benefit of apps or game is that it reveals all sectors of website core functionality which need proper attention and time. It allows programmers or developers to become familiar with source code, sometimes eliminating the requirements for evaluations and code reviews which can be required to re-build.

It’s story of so many developers or apps. You need to create amazing games to attract audience. However there’re lots of places which you can show as per your requirements like Google Play, Windows store and App’s store. You need to understand monetization as well in proper way.  There’re some 5 tips to monetize apps thus you can get money from it.

There’re different items or products which you can sell inside apps that can be upgraded and changed or modified by any specific. There’re items which you can sell inside games or apps that are upgraded by extra coins of specific items. These’re arguably the best means of making income as the value of games or apps itself sells the items. By offering your Cheap App Reskinning Services for games are free of cost, you can make long term profits or revenue with in-apps items.

This is arguably the straightforward methods where you charge audience in app’s tore itself before they can’t access items. This is perfect means of garnering, one time strategy and income quickly. Your app is required be bug free and income quickly.  If you can also add news and media sites then ads work well. This part is that there’s no maximum to how much ads make for you.  To get success you need to promote it properly with specific brand or business. This can give good results at every step. This can attract plenty of clients. In this way you can get many benefits.

You need to add scalable platform to host games or apps. You can host as well without wasting any money by overloading as it will be elastic. You will pay that depends on many requests.

When you will look on games or apps in the play store then you can see free games or apps. Apps can allow monetizing game app without having audience to pay amount directly.

App builders and brands can monetize apps or games. Remember that user can follow adds that can attract customers. Story and data should be relevant. Cheap App Reskinning Services can also give you all features, services and some amount of money.