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Top Mobile Games marketing strategies

There is no secret as every game’s developer or studio dream to create an outstanding & popular game that is played by many people in this planet. In this article, you will read about Mobile Games Marketing strategies. If you want to play games then you should think about concept or engaging idea and transform it into playable app. If your game is ready then it is time to market it, so user acquisition is important part. You can use different tools to market this game on Goose search, YouTube, AdMob and remarketing.


Remarketing is another popular advertising technique that allows us to reach the target audience who can visit your campaigns of marketing. The benefits if remarketing is at you can work with audience who can expose brand or game however hasn’t been influenced for installations purpose. Thus now, you must know strategies that can promote and encourage games to install it.

Engagement (Mobile games marketing strategies)

By using some strategies it would be easy to promote game. You can attract audience more and more. Now next step is to attract and engage users with mobile game. Now engagement is separate issue and need dedicated posts however I will stress out below mentioned recommendations and useful stats.

  • 20% of main installed mobile apps are opened once
  • 95% of all installed apps are not used after one month of usage
  • 95% of mobile apps cab be free
  • 76% of mobile app’s profit from in-app purchases

As per survey, games can generate more than USD 4 billion as revenue in 2016. If you are developer of mobile games and not marketing the game then you are losing money. It shows that you are hiring celebrities and creating ads.

Making a Promotional Video for mobile Game

Some gamers don’t take interest in playing games. How anyone can download and play a game to find out its worth. You may convince hundreds of thousands of device audience to download and play it by making video. Now video must showcase the thrilling parts of game and it should be interesting.  You must create YouTube channel of game and upload it. Share it on YouTube and add description on game’s landing page and play store. Now visitors can watch it properly. You may share video on Vimeo.

Get Benefit of Mobile Games Promo Platforms

If you are developer then you need guidelines for marketing from experts. Now you can hire export. If you want to pay attention on its designing then you can make it user friendly. Mobile game’s platforms help us to find the right users. It will provide CPI (cost per impression) to promote.

Maintain and Build a Home on a web for your game

Every game deserves unique landing webpage.  Now mobile gaming competition is fierce. If you have created or build a home then you can blog about it and identify properties that makes your game more interesting and different.

Using ASO (App Store Optimization)

This can boost your mobile game and best strategy to attract users. You should know how to implement it? You can easily optimize it and give more time to segments of page on Play store. All these are main metrics such as description, rating, reviews, number of downloads and user’s experience.

Using Social Media

Millions of people connect with this media on daily basis. Some users can use it to play and have fun. You can create page on Facebook, you should remember icon of game and remember cover photo.

How to Select Best Game Template For Making Game

How to Select Best Game Template For Making Game

Selecting the right game engine is often tough job when you are making first time game. When you are making game, you have to select perfect game template, multiple screen size and DPIs.

It’s very thankfully of the appngamereskin that is online Source Code Marketplace. This not only provides good well thought about game but also provide you excellent service of reskining of the game. We want to introduce some of the excellent game template that is well featured on the appngamereskin.

Canday match 3

The candy match 3 is one of the best unity game templates for the ios and android. The game is well monetized with the Ads and IAP. With the lots of levels and power, the game is extremely engaging. With just small amount investment, you can launch your own match 3 game.

Winter magic slot

The game has unity slot with a cross platform template with the 4 slot. All 4 themes in the game are based on the winter theme. The game is developed in unity for iOS and android.

Best addictive defense unity 3D game

This game is supported plenty of platform like iOS, Andriod and OS. The game template is designed with high quality sounds, full animation and full map.

Viking adventure

This is very super addictive game that simply plays with all age of people. This game gives lot more fun. You can play with cute colorful character and with good levels. During play this game, we concentrate on one mission to collect lots of coins. The game is made by buildbox.

Moreover, the game is easy to play and reskin. You just need to edit some levels, graphics and export it to the different platforms such as, iOS and android.

Anti-candy crunch

Are you tried to play game like three matches? Don’t need to tire, here we bring anti candy cash with awesome features that are ready to available on the app store.  The game offers you 108 levels. You can play with two different type’s gameplay one is timed and other with moves.  You can share on the Facebook.

Basketball game for android & ios 

This is addictive; challenging basketball shooting game will help improve your shooting skills so you can dominate your friends on the leader board and show them whose boss! This game is available for reskin with admob banners.

You can buy these templates at very affordable price anytime you need only at appngamereskin.com

Use Mobile App Templates when there is a Need For Speed

Inspiration for mobile app design is important. When you decide to build a Mobile App for your business, you automatically start imagining how it should look and how it should work. Well, it gets confusing at times and you just wish there could be some reference or some template that you can look at and build upon.

Use Mobile App Templates When There Is A Need For Speed.jpg

This is exactly where mobile App Templates can help.

Ready to use:

For any industry vertical or for any type of business, a ready to use mobile template can save you a lot of time and energy. You do not have to imagine the design and the logical flow of elements from scratch. It is all provided and ready to use. You know exactly how your finished product will look like. Moreover, if you feel the need to change some features or some elements, a developer can easily do that for you.


If you need to go mobile quickly, using a template could be your best bet. A template has all the design elements built in and all you need to do is to customize it to suit your business. If you start from scratch, your mobile app will take quite a while to be ready. With a template, you can get it developed with months.


Paying a designer is going to cost you. Well, downloading a ready template could be cost effective and yet very appealing. You get templates that are completely customizable, so if you are worrying about the uniqueness, it’s totally up to how skillfully you customize it.


If you think your options are limited, you are wrong! There are abundant templates available online for you to download and use instantly! You can then decide how you can modify the look, feel and colour scheme of the application.


The look and feel of your Mobile App is one part and the features and functionality is another. Well, the logical flow from one screen to another is already thought of and presented to you in a ready template. The good news is that you can remove and add any screen and modify the template as you wish. That’s the charm of using a ready template.


If you think that if you download a ready template, you are stuck with a design that a hundred others are using, you are wrong! These templates can be easily customized to maintain the uniqueness. Designers can easily read the code provided by the creator and add their own code to add features and functionality that your business requires.

Well, the good part is that these templates come with an open source code. So, you can hire designers of your choice to complete the mobile app for you. Well the ability to customize what you have downloaded enables businesses to use the same template that has been downloaded by a hundred other users and yet create a unique looking application that does not match any other.

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