A brief description about Unity Game Development

The video gaming industry is getting popularity and shows no-sign of checking. In order to be an art connoisseur, we need to weave art by emotions. Game’s development is now more a code block however an art stitched with emotions of developers.  As a developer, you’ve gaming engine to choose it. A selection is based on different criteria however a sole motif is choosing the best engine from diversified to connect with users. From simple 2D engine to mounted 3D powerhouses from IDEs to free ones, different attributes creates difficulties for selecting the engine that is good or required for the project. Skimming by all engines and reading with attributes and working through some platforms, we should know all about best gaming engine like Unity Game Development Engine.


Unity Engine– If you’ve good amount you need unity engine to the developed project. IT’s development tool created by unity technologies in 2004. Now, a banner of unity game is called democratizing game development and empowers us to create rich interactive 3D contents with a suit of terrific and tools. Find below reasons of Unity tools which are mentioned below-

An Engine that runs with easiness

Visual is most noticeable thing about editor of unity. It is very easy and eye’s relaxing on retina. This engine also simplifies the workflow of development and is adroit functionalities is required by industry of gaming. Apparently, there is not a better editor that Unity which can provide needs. If you can hire a developer and not working on visual editor then you can choose this platform. Now you can buy Unity games source code from App Marketplace.

  • You’ll be surprised to find how swiftly we can modify work and how to create?
  • This woo allows us to easily drag & drop object
  • An inspector permits us to find the object’s behaviors with properties
  • It also empowers us to view the source code and how it’ll look on device. This tool stashes time with vital resources.
  • If you consider development skills with unique tools then you’re not in wrong way. This editor gives extensions of margin that are used to add plugins, customized tools and add-ons. This is clear word. It’s also developed with uniting purpose. Thus, these tools are integrated into interface of unity. It conducts all operations with better productivity.

An Engine with scripting- There’re many engines that have best qualities.  However there is lack of inefficiency to give structured and detailed presentation of mobile game. They lack the ability to show the contents in well planned and systematic manner. If you want to make complex games then this is best for cutting-edge technologies. With Unity Game Development, you can write scripts of agile languages such as Boo, C# and JavaScript. IT shows permissions to use all types of languages in same project. It has different technological background that contributes expertise.

This allows integration of all types of code then any editor. These languages give flexible depth to design. Thus it‘s unimaginable and your projects runs on different platform.  It has simple menu and easy to use.


Advantages and main reasons of using Angular-JS for Web App Development

Angular-JS is based on MVC (Model View controller) architecture and it is an open source framework which is maintained by Google to address the main challenges faced by a developer while developing and testing the source code. It integrated apps module and HTML code.  In this article, we’ll discuss benefits of using Angular-JS in Web App Development.

Web App Development

Why we prefer Angular-JS for Web App Development? What’re benefits?

It uses old Jscript object. It is leveraged with injection of dependency. It is based in simple architecture. It mean easy to catch-up for developer and improves features that customer needs. It works well and it can manage heavy web apps. It has improved design architecture. Some apps has many components and easy to manage. A new programmer can join the project in process. This architecture helps a programmer to find and develop source code without any difficulty.  It has declarative user interface, when you’ll utilize an interface that is written in Jscript and interface. It defines apps UI. Web App Development is now simplified.

It is based on latest technology that is derived from Hyper Text Markup Language. Creating new apps is very easy and we can make it quickly without any effort.   A develop may focus on efficiency of app which is used to write code. A lesser code is used so it increases efficiency. A developer helps to re-use code. Therefore, it saves our time. if data is moved in models then you can view to handle model efficiency and DOM. It also helps the company to build apps without any difficulty. MVVC software is used in contemporary app development process. Angular also reduces the burden of server. Now server can perform different task to reduce traffic as it severs files and reply to API-calls.

You need unit and end to end testing. It is flexible and easy to manage development. It is also compatible. It can handle dependency that is coupled with MVC architecture and allows a developer for development in parallel way.

Angular JS is also utilized as component of building robust and adaptable page apps. Now SPA structure is based in Jscript. It permits HTML as template language. It assembles natural apps.  It has array of elements, this has gained admiration for itself that has made it popular in Web App Development services.  A framework which is maintained and developed by Google, you can work as engineer and it is also assured that you’re developing code which wills increases proficiently. It is not same as large portion of jScript that creates a group of developers. It is also developed by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons, both have powerful brain. Now you can buy Uber App source code form marketplace.

It is also quick and simple to start with. Jscript MVCS framework for development and front-end, you should add some attributes to hypertext markup language. Engineers or beginners who are specialized or utilizing it for first time then there’re some tutorials that can explain it properly.

High performance – robustness, maintain and easy use, latest features and competence to create new features that makes it perfect in web and app’s developers. It’s powered with latest features such as filters, data binding, Animations, API Customer, routing, scope management and content sanitization.

Comprehensive-  The best is that you can answer for front-end app’s development. A developer can create model or structure without any stress.

Purpose of Social Dating App

Now dating mobile app market is over flowing and demand for Social Dating App in customer is in decline process. It is also true in USA as new study or research reveals. Social dating app is like social network- when everyone uses it you can think you should also use it.  However while dating apps are different and there is a lot of other things that satisfies the users. For companies who want to create a social dating app then a market has many solutions that show a chance.


What is expectation of customer from social dating app?

As per research by different companies, security and privacy, the most important and good qualities are that a client looks for dating app. As per UK statistics it is proved that data is linked by BBS show in 5 years users are reporting that crime is also faced to people by meeting with stranger (through mobile app).  If you’re planning to build ‘Tinder’ then you need to invest for security check for users who use it daily.

The most valued and quality based app is in intuitive user’s experience. A location based app that’s adjust or manage it. You can also successfully use elegant and effortless techniques. Other dating mobile apps like Zoosk, Hinge, okCupid and Bumble.  There’re many interesting and social apps are available for example JSwipe at Dine and Jews which needs to get you on date in hotel from app. You can read reviews of users. Now you can Buy Uber Taxi App source code from marketplace.

Let’s explore in detail as how to make a social dating app and how you can provide experience to customer. How you can fulfill customer needs. AppnGame believes that every app has important functionalities of social dating app that is based on client’s expectations are like messaging, matching and control. There’re some functionalities that we can focus on as mentioned below-

Access Control- The main dating apps bother for iOS and Android allows us to sign-up by Facebook. Also they offer sign-up options with single click is convenient than typing in an e-mail ID & PWD. Facebook offers access to user’s data that we can see. It also suggests you friends from common friends etc.   if you will use Facebook in your social dating app then you’ll see embracement. So don’t trust on any site like Facebook.

Every dating app shows a picture, image boards. Dating app is created with a picture and it has version like on Instagram however you need to increase credibility of mobile app. To see pictures a user posts are clear. You don’t need to add wrong images. Keep it social, good and clean.  It will attract other clients as well. In past, an online dating was linked with fake. Hiding behind obscure name of user like badgril24 is a practice. Nowadays you will see it transparent. It is better chance to attract client.  Accessing personalities of people with math is hard. Our point is that no need for Social Dating App to create match-making algorithm. Now app integrates to get user. After filing a profile, they ask to choose bars or 3 restaurants where you have to meet.

Important Tips or guidelines and Source Code Match 3

On the basic level, awe also agree on source code match 3 game is actually straight way. But, think about all about players that plays. You can recall about running & stuck position of match 3 game.  How many times we tried to compete the high score however couldn’t. Think about it now, there’s a way to madness that is match 3 that helps us to avoid lock-ups and make higher score. Moreover, with improvement of matching skills, you search ways to improve overall gameplay.

Match 3 games is evolved from simple matching mobile game to very challenging, story game with all difficult levels which can unlock bonus contents and puzzles. You need this & bonus contents that you don’t have. With hidden wonders of depth-2 for iOS devices, you can share guidelines or tips in comments with us. In this article, we want to highlights about tips or guidelines of source code match 3 with tips for development of source code for all games.

Important Tips or guidelines for source code match 3

  • Methodically (Create & Destroy)

It seems confusing; however select matches that will give you highest amount of points as sometimes you can. 4-matching way is better than 3; 5 is more than 4 etc. if you will match horizontally then it would increase forming. So if you want to choose in horizontal or vertical then go for horizontal option.

  • Power-Up

Mostly match 3 game offers power-up. Question is how you are obtaining it? What they do? However game offers unique power-ups, it is one important rule to recall- save power up if required. It is tempting to make money by using them in right methods. For instance, if you have issue to match then then you must clear objects in any particular area.

  • Location/Location & Location

Match3 game has some common things where you can create combos. Often you have to find largest matches. This approach works however if you will create matches then lower is better. Now larger shift that is on a board will show great effect. With this way of thinking it work better

  • Bonus- if you’ll finish level quickly then you will get bonus, it is an extra remarks or awards. Sometimes, bonus doubles with consecutive combo you’ve created. Other mobile games can have combo’s bonuses. It will be up valuable and tricky.

How to write an effective source code- for all apps or games source code?

Some companies have source code of conduct that is a proper and standard behavior that coincides with values. In some years, companies have begun code to conduct. It will proscribe and identify behaviors. You should know about establish a team, add suitable topics, write for reader, add avenues to seek guidelines, code should be available for all, maintain commitment of ethics to other n companies, adopt and enforce consistently, find if it is working, and revise and modification.

– (NSSet *)detectHorizontalMatches {

// 1

NSMutableSet1 *set = [NSMutableSet1 set];

// 2

for (NSInteger1 row = 0; row < NumRows1; row++) {

for (NSInteger1 column = 0; column < NumColumns1 – 2; ) {

// 3

if (_cookies[column][row] != nil) {

NSUInteger matchType1 = _cookies[column][row].cookieType;

// 4

if (_cookies[column + 1][row].cookieType == matchType

&& _cookies[column + 2][row].cookieType == matchType) {

// 5

‘RWTChain *chain1 = [[RWTChain alloc] init];

‘chain.chainType1 = ChainTypeHorizontal1;

do {

‘[chain addCookie:_cookies[column][row]];

‘ column += 1;


‘while (column < NumColumns && _cookies[column][row].cookieType == matchType);

‘[set addObject:chain];


// 6

column += 1;    }  }

return set;}

Top 5 advantage of Android App’s development important to Buy Android Source Code

Android project of Google is also considered the mobile equivalent of windows model of Microsoft for desktop computers (PC). The Android operating system has taken this world by storm. It has become a main challenger to iOS market of Apple. The mobile operating system is developed by Google with Linux kernel for touch screen device like tablets and smartphone. Now source code for Android is released under OSL (Open source license) to promote extensive use by companies. In this article, AppnGame has explained advantages to Buy Android Source Code.

buy android source code

Why and How to Buy Android Source Code?

Mobility is core of every company. There are different platform provides an easy mobile app’s development for Windows, iOS and Android (with other operating system).  Now Android/OS, has progressed by leaps and bounds acquiring 88% of global market’s share. With growing number of companies, AppnGame is adopting Android to create custom apps to boost their revenue and attain tremendous growth of business.

If you are doing Android business then you should know all its benefits like open platform in Linux. It is open source solution for devices providing complete stack including middleware, operating system and key mobile apps. It’s important due to performance, scalability and speed. There are some benefits of buying Android source code. Developer may interact with Android community for forth-coming versions that they may incorporate into their Android development projects (apps & game). These benefits create lucrative prospect for company, wireless operators and device manufacturers.

It has customizable user interface that you can check properly while buying. Google is also highly and properly focused to create its user interface customizable to help all developers who can develop Android custom based apps. It allows us to build creative, innovative and interactive apps. It provides vast options. It has High ROI with low investment. Android has low barrier to entry. It is available for developers that can reduce the costs; however cost is bifurcated into 3 parts that are development, testing and deployment.  Developers have to pay registration fee.

Android app’s source code can be deployed in different methods. It has multiple channels and Easy to adopt. Additionally, Google has made Kotlin Java as alternative for Android development. It is very easy to learn and may be used with Java. It has limited number of functions, effectiveness and efficiency. It increases with high-level apps. Small and Medium sized establishment can enhance market profitability and presence by to reply on cutting edge app’s business.

This source code is based on ‘Linux kernal’ and code is available to developer – free of cost. APIs, Android SDK and APIs with programming languages C, C++, Jscript, Go etc used to write source code with cutting-edge technology.  It is not like property product so it has high cost. But software tools are without any cost.  It generates alternative market and third-party apps.  installing is also very efficient and convenient.  These apps integration is also very flexible.  Market access is increasing day by day.

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3 Tips to Sell Games Source Code for Developers

Selling a source code is very important thing. Nowadays, it is not a problem. With help of logo for marketing of source code, but is entirely different matter. Development team tends to be very protective for their code as merchandising is how they can make or get their money. Thus, I think a developer should follow different methods to market the source code of games. For instance you can create add to Sell Games Source Code.


Tips for developers to Sell Games Source Code!

Let suppose you are a games or app developer and a client wants to purchase an app. Do you know what should you think to sell code? Find below some important points.   So, your customer wants to develop an app from scratch and wants to buy code that you have written in past for projects.  The code of game is like to be composite. You can guide developers that can be licensed under a variety of licenses, including open source code license like BSD and GPL.

If you sell it, you can transfer all the rights in a thing to buyer. You need to transfer rights and if you can’t own rights if you are selling, you can’t sell it to someone else. If you will try to do it then you will get message that you are not able to comply it.  It’s a big problem

Tip-1: You should check the rights that you can transfer in a selling process first.

Know what you are selling

It looks pretty good as however it is very complicated questions that you can have thoughts. From your point of you if you are selling an app however what is that mobile app, really? Are you selling apps alone or does your client need the code too? Some buyer wants the code as they’re more concerned that if they can’t have code, they can find themselves. It’s actually a business concern and the more client depends on mobile app to operate its business, the important can access the code will be.

The challenge to Sell Games Source Code includes disclosing secrets source code sauce that makes your source code so valuable. These secrets can give your client or even competing app developer who encounters the source code later a competitive edge over you. Another challenge is that selling code outright can give impact on projects that leverage factors of code as you’ll have no rights to use again the code that is already sold. It means you can consider the impacts on obligations towards current clients too.

Tip-2 Carefully considers precisely what you want to sell and which restrictions should be applied it.      

Clearly define what you’re selling

It sounds obvious however it’s not. Remember you’re selling an app, however how would a person deals to identify the selling code, objectively? Is the code defined and written in proper format? Is it Complete? Is can handle all problems?

You should add detailed app specifications

Avoid general description

Tip 3: Describe the sold code properly

Consider alternatives to complete selling process

A sale can’t be appropriate due to its implications. Sometimes you need to meet clients requirements the problematic sequences of sale and don’t afraid of alternatives.

Top Mobile Games marketing strategies

There is no secret as every game’s developer or studio dream to create an outstanding & popular game that is played by many people in this planet. In this article, you will read about Mobile Games Marketing strategies. If you want to play games then you should think about concept or engaging idea and transform it into playable app. If your game is ready then it is time to market it, so user acquisition is important part. You can use different tools to market this game on Goose search, YouTube, AdMob and remarketing.


Remarketing is another popular advertising technique that allows us to reach the target audience who can visit your campaigns of marketing. The benefits if remarketing is at you can work with audience who can expose brand or game however hasn’t been influenced for installations purpose. Thus now, you must know strategies that can promote and encourage games to install it.

Engagement (Mobile games marketing strategies)

By using some strategies it would be easy to promote game. You can attract audience more and more. Now next step is to attract and engage users with mobile game. Now engagement is separate issue and need dedicated posts however I will stress out below mentioned recommendations and useful stats.

  • 20% of main installed mobile apps are opened once
  • 95% of all installed apps are not used after one month of usage
  • 95% of mobile apps cab be free
  • 76% of mobile app’s profit from in-app purchases

As per survey, games can generate more than USD 4 billion as revenue in 2016. If you are developer of mobile games and not marketing the game then you are losing money. It shows that you are hiring celebrities and creating ads.

Making a Promotional Video for mobile Game

Some gamers don’t take interest in playing games. How anyone can download and play a game to find out its worth. You may convince hundreds of thousands of device audience to download and play it by making video. Now video must showcase the thrilling parts of game and it should be interesting.  You must create YouTube channel of game and upload it. Share it on YouTube and add description on game’s landing page and play store. Now visitors can watch it properly. You may share video on Vimeo.

Get Benefit of Mobile Games Promo Platforms

If you are developer then you need guidelines for marketing from experts. Now you can hire export. If you want to pay attention on its designing then you can make it user friendly. Mobile game’s platforms help us to find the right users. It will provide CPI (cost per impression) to promote.

Maintain and Build a Home on a web for your game

Every game deserves unique landing webpage.  Now mobile gaming competition is fierce. If you have created or build a home then you can blog about it and identify properties that makes your game more interesting and different.

Using ASO (App Store Optimization)

This can boost your mobile game and best strategy to attract users. You should know how to implement it? You can easily optimize it and give more time to segments of page on Play store. All these are main metrics such as description, rating, reviews, number of downloads and user’s experience.

Using Social Media

Millions of people connect with this media on daily basis. Some users can use it to play and have fun. You can create page on Facebook, you should remember icon of game and remember cover photo.